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Ready to put your skills and knowledge to the test in a medical job? In the medical field, the variety of careers available to you is huge; you can work in nursing, midwifery, dental, emergency medicine, surgery, admin, health sciences… The list goes on! YoungCapital has a selection of the latest medical jobs across the UK, with new vacancies regularly popping up. Sign up with us to stay up-to-date with all the best medical jobs in London, Liverpool, and all over. You’ll have a medical job in the bag in no time when you search with us, so get cracking.

What are different types of medical jobs

Medical jobs aren’t just for students who need experience to graduate, or old-school consultants who know anatomy like the back of their hand. There is a wide range of options, from entry-level work to the best-paying medical jobs in top fields. Nowadays, there’s also a lot of variety in what kind of job you can work on what schedule, and the same goes for jobs in the medical industry. Popular medical roles are full-time jobs in clinics and hospitals, what you might consider ‘traditional’ jobs like doctor or nurse. But there are also options like evening and night shifts, or medical jobs only on weekends. Part-time positions are essential to keep things running outside the usual 9-5 – after all, accidents happen at any time. You can find great medical work for weekends, summer jobs, and temporary medical positions to keep you busy and earning, so start looking asap.

Are you looking for a permanent, high-paying medical job? Graduate jobs usually have higher pay cheques attached, as they require more qualifications which take time and effort to earn. You can work your way up the ladder to the top jobs in the industry, learning and developing your skills as you go. The best paying medical careers are in neurosurgery and anaesthesiology, so focus on those areas if you want to rake in the big bucks. On the other hand, if you prefer something less hands-on and more low-key, you should take a look at some office medical jobs, like receptionist. Somebody needs to file the paperwork and make sure all the information is properly sorted, after all. Many of these roles can also be made into remote jobs, so a medical work-from-home position is entirely possible. If you have commitments that keep you at home, but still want to work in the medical industry, this one is for you. No matter what you decide to go for, you can find all the best medical jobs on this page. Time to start searching!

How to find medical jobs near me

Your search for medical jobs has never been easier, thanks to YoungCapital. We’ve developed a handy system to help you narrow down results to only vacancies that suit you. Want to work in a big, bustling city? Search for medical jobs in Birmingham, or medical jobs in Glasgow, for example. Prefer a smaller town vibe? Add medical jobs in Bristol or medical jobs in Nottingham to your search, if they’re more your cup of tea. No matter where in the UK you fancy, there’ll be sick and injured people who need your care and help to get better. Start searching for jobs in medicine near you to kick off your search.

Once you’ve narrowed down the location, you can alter other factors to find your ideal medical job. Adjust by distance from the centre of town, education level required, and type of work schedule, in order to find the most suitable options for you. You can also use keywords to get at the very nitty gritty details, and sort the page by how new the vacancies are. It’s never been easier to find jobs in the medical industry that tick all your boxes, so don’t delay – get started with your search today.

Did you find a medical job that fits what you’re looking for? Great, now you can apply for it. Make sure you upload your contact details and CV when you create your profile, so that you don’t have to do it for every application. Add a carefully-worded cover letter that explains why you’re the perfect candidate, but keep it clear and concise. Once you have all of that together, you can hit ‘apply’ on the medical jobs of your choosing. Happy job hunting!

FAQs about medical jobs:

Are there part-time medical jobs?

There are a number of vacancies for part-time medical jobs on the market. Just add ‘part-time’ to your search parameters

When will I hear back about my application for a medical job?

You should hear back from us within a week, but you can also track your medical job application on your profile. Still concerned? Get in touch.

Can I get a medical job with no experience?

Absolutely! Just select the level of education that’s relevant to you to find all of the entry-level medical jobs with no experience required.

Are there jobs in healthcare for nurses?

Absolutely, just add the keyword ‘nurse’ in the search bar, or visit our page of nurse jobs.

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