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As companies grow and expand, the supply of HR employee jobs gets bigger and bigger. Someone has to look after all the workers at the UK’s top employers, after all! Jobs in human resources can be very varied, covering a lot of different areas and responsibilities, so it can be tough to comb through them all. Luckily for you, YoungCapital has taken care of the hard work for you. We’ve developed filters so that you can view HR vacancies that suit what you’re looking for, and not have to deal with any irrelevant vacancies. Create your profile, so you can save any and all HR employee jobs that catch your eye.

The ins and outs of HR employee jobs

Jobs for employees within an HR department can look very different, depending on what aspect you’re focussing on. The most common job is a human resource assistant; they’re the all-rounders of the office, who take care of smaller tasks to make sure the big things keep running smoothly. HR also includes payroll, so if you have a knack for numbers, you can show off your skills while totting up everyone’s salaries and expenses. Another important role in HR is a recruitment job. Recruiters are responsible for finding fresh new talent to keep the business full of new hires with the best skill sets. Another key aspect of HR is training and development; employees need to be up-to-date with all the newest industry knowledge and company best practices. Sounds interesting? Browse this page to see what other kinds of human resource jobs you could work in.

As well as the different elements of HR, employees have jobs with different responsibilities and levels of authority. So, no matter your level of experience or expertise, there’ll surely be a position suitable for you. For example, human resource administrators take care of the documentation and records of all that goes on in the organisation, with regard to the employees. They don’t have as much contact with employees directly, but are more responsible for keeping things in order. Human resources managers, on the other hand, deal with people in person a lot. They’re the ones responsible for keeping everyone working optimally, and ensuring that all HR policies are clear and properly implemented. Think you’d do well in an HR manager job? Add ‘manager’ to our keyword search bar, so you only see vacancies in that area.

There are also HR employee jobs that aren’t fully based in the HR department. An HR consultant job, for example, is done by someone from outside the company, to help solve any of their human resources problems. They’re usually fairly big experts in the field, so you’d need a good deal of experience to fill a role like this. These roles are at a higher level, so you may need some more qualifications and training if you’re early on in your career. Stick to bigger cities for jobs like these, as it’s usually bigger companies who have roles like these available. Have a look at HR jobs in London and Birmingham, for example.

Are you only after a casual HR employee job to earn some spare cash or build up experience? Don’t worry, there are plenty of positions for you too. Part-time jobs in HR are a great way to build up your background in the industry without committing to a full 9-to-5. You can work a few days during the week, or even over the weekend in any companies that operate outside the usual Monday to Friday. Need something that’s even more flexible? A remote HR job can be very handy, allowing you to work from the comfort of your home while still topping up your bank account. Interested? Check out our work-from-home jobs to see if there’s an HR position that piques your interest.

How to get an HR job

Once you’ve found your ideal job as an HR employee, you can start the application process. Add your contact details and CV to your YoungCapital profile, so they’re ready for all your applications. Then, attach a killer CV that details why you’re right for the job. Keep it concise though – employers don’t want to be overrun with information. Once that’s all together, just hit ‘apply’ on the HR vacancy you’re after. It’s so easy, so why wait? Start applying today.

FAQs about HR employee jobs:

What qualifications do I need for an HR employee job?

There are plenty of entry-level jobs for employees in HR with no experience required, for anyone who’s new to the industry. It does help to have some kind of degree in HR, communication, or psychology, for example. If that sounds like you, check out our graduate jobs in HR and other related fields.

Where can I find new HR employee jobs?

On YoungCapital, of course. You can create email alerts on your profile that match what you’re looking for in an HR employee job. Just like that, you’ll have all the newest vacancies sent to your inbox, so you’ll never miss a thing.

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