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A front-end developer’s job is to design the graphical user interface of a website, through the use of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, so that users can view and interact with that website. If this description of a front-end web developer job isn’t complete mumbo-jumbo to you, then you’re in the right place! Discover all front-end developer vacancies on our platform by using our filters, and find the ideal job that fits your needs. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, simply turn on vacancy alerts in your profile, so that you don’t miss out on the latest front-end developer job opportunities!

What to know about front-end developer jobs

One of the most sought-after vacancies in the IT industry is front-end developer jobs. See it as working on the front lines, where all the action is! Organisations are constantly looking for ways to enhance their websites with rich visuals and powerful interactions of the web. Front-end developer work is synonymous with programming, software engineering, and coding. This makes it a dynamic and rewarding occupation. Major cities in the UK are highly adaptive in the ICT field, which has spawned a wide range of front-end development jobs. Since YoungCapital works with some of UK’s top employers, we’re sure to have an interesting front-end developer contract job for you. Looking to apply your experience and knowledge on a full-time time basis? Check out our full-time jobs. Looking for a part-time front end-developer job with flexible hours? Jump straight to our part-time jobs page.

Front-end developer job requirements

Are you wondering how to get a front-end developer job? To get one, you don’t need a graduate degree, but many people study software engineering or computer science to learn how to code. If you’ve recently graduated, we have good news for you! We’re always on the lookout for entry-level front-end developer job vacancies to offer to our candidates. Check out our graduate jobs page, pick your preferred city, and filter by ICT jobs to find vacancies relevant for you. You can also type keywords into the search box. Type ‘junior front-end developer jobs’ for example, to find employment opportunities for beginners. You can also compensate your lack of work experience with self-study. Many tools and codes can be learned through boot camps and online courses, so make sure to educate yourself. A bit of tech-savvy, and a genuine interest in the industry, will take you a long way when looking for front-end web developer jobs with no experience required. Even if you’re missing a couple of small requirements, don’t hesitate to apply. We’d be happy to hear what motivates you to work in this industry!

Top cities for a front-end developer job in the UK

Surprise, surprise, London is of the best places to find a front-end developer job in the UK. It has a huge diversity of companies with investments from all over the world. The city even hosts the London Tech Week, one of the largest events in tech, with over 20,000 participants! You’ll get plenty of opportunities to develop and make good money. Interested? Check out our front-end developer jobs in London. But London isn’t the only major, thriving tech hub in the UK. We also offer front-end developer jobs in Manchester. There are more than 6,000 tech companies located in Manchester, the highest of any regional city. Its tech scene spans many sub-sectors of the industry. Finally, YoungCapital also offers various front-end developer jobs in Manchester. The tech industry is heavily integrated into this city’s rich history. You’ll be sure to find a range of opportunities here. Log in now and start applying today!

FAQs about front-end developer jobs:

What does a front-end developer do?

A front end developer has the responsibility to ensure that website visitors can easily interact with the page. Whenever you visit a website, anything that you see is the work of a front-end developer. Log in and discover what options we have available!

Can I apply for a front-end developer job with no experience?

Absolutely! If you don’t have any front-end developer job experience, but you have the skills and motivation to show for it, go ahead and apply! Make sure you write a clear cover letter, and hand in a CV with relevant skills.

How do I find a front-end developer job near me?

Head straight to our ICT jobs and fill in your preferred city/postcode in the search box on this page. Looking for a remote front-end developer job? We have a page dedicated to work from home jobs as well!

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