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Legal assistant jobs are an excellent option for anyone trying to start a career in law, or studying law and looking to build up experience in the field. There’s a huge variety when it comes to legal assistant roles, and we’ve got vacancies for all kinds of positions. Whether you’re just starting out or looking for a career change, YoungCapital has your back. Sign up with us now to save all the best vacancies for when you’re ready to apply, and set your preferences to make your job search a piece of cake. You’ll find your ideal legal assistant job with us in a heartbeat!

How to find legal jobs

We’ve simplified the search process to make it as easy as possible for you to find legal assistant jobs that match what you’re looking for. To start your job hunt, use our handy filtering tool. Select where you want to look, for example legal assistant jobs in London or Nottingham, then check your preferences for distance, type of employment, as well as education level; only jobs that match those choices will appear. Or, if you’re super decisive and know exactly what you want, you can get even more specific. Search using keywords, for example ‘legal secretary’, to find vacancies for jobs that are exactly what you’re after. Once you find a few jobs you like, you can save them to your profile so that they’re waiting for you when you’re ready to apply. Or, if you’re ready to get to work, you can send in your application already. Make sure you’ve got your CV and contact details added to your profile, and simply hit ‘apply’ on the vacancy you like. It’s easy-peasy, so don’t delay!

It can be confusing figuring out all the lingo and job titles that you come across in your hunt for a legal assistant job. The main focus of any and all of these assistant jobs is helping the lawyers compile and prioritise documents. A lot of work goes into legal proceedings, and they need a lot of evidence to back up their arguments, which is where you would come in. As a legal assistant, many administrative tasks like scheduling and organising tasks will fall on you. Think you’re pretty good at keeping things in order and running smoothly? Then you should check out some of these vacancies, or some of our other legal jobs.

Another big task in a legal assistant job is research. A lawyer can’t go into court or present to a client without knowing exactly what they’re talking about. But they also can’t do all that work themselves – it’s just too much for one person! So, it’s the assistant’s job to research the law and facts, and make sure the legal team has everything they need. You could be working in criminal law, preparing all the evidence for a trial, or as a conveyancing assistant, helping property lawyers finalise the details of a sale. Love a bit of detail-orientated work? Then an admin job like this is perfect for you – apply now.

You may be wondering, ‘are there any legal assistant jobs near me?’ Well, we have jobs all over the UK, so it’s likely that you’ll find one nearby. But, if that doesn’t work out for you, you should consider a remote legal secretary job. Much of the work we’ve discussed can be done from the comfort of your own home, with just a bit of liaising with the team in the office. There’s no reason why you couldn’t do a great job as a legal secretary in a work-from-home job. Have we convinced you yet that a legal assistant job is a great career choice? Fab, then start applying!

No-experience legal assistant jobs

Worried about not having enough experience to land a job as a legal assistant? Don’t stress, there are plenty of options for a newbie like you. Many jobs for legal assistants are entry-level positions, which means they’re great for building up experience to further your career. You’ll get an inside look at how the industry works, and get first-hand knowledge from people who are experts in all different areas of the law. A legal assistant can also work a part-time job in the firm, so you could balance it alongside your law classes, for example. You’d still get all that work history on your CV without having to let your studies go and commit to a 9-5. Interested in becoming a legal assistant or secretary on a part-time basis? Add the filter ‘part-time’ to your search, and you’ll be shown jobs that fall under that category. Happy job hunting!

FAQs about legal jobs:

Where can I hear about new legal assistant jobs?

YoungCapital has all the latest and greatest legal assistant jobs ready and waiting for you. Set up email alerts in your profile so we can send you the latest vacancies for legal assistants, straight to your inbox.

How much can I earn in a legal assistant job?

The pay for a legal assistant will vary from job to job, but the average is around £20,000-£24,000. Employers also give out different incentives and bonuses on top of your regular salary. Check out our top employers page to see what things companies in the UK offer.

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