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Want to flex your knowledge of the law in a legal assistant job in London? Luckily for you, YoungCapital has heaps of legal assistant vacancies in and around London, with some of the UK’s top employers. The capital is packed with great opportunities, so you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to working in law. Make sure you register with us to make your search a walk in the park; set up email alerts to have all the latest vacancies sent straight to you, and save all your favourites to your profile. You’ll have your ideal legal assistant job in the bag in no time.

The ins and outs of legal assistant jobs in London

Kicking off your career with a legal assistant or (junior) secretary job in London is a smart move. The city has lots of opportunities in the field, with great potential for growth. Did you just finish uni, and are you looking for your first graduate job in London? Entry-level legal assistant roles are offered by lots of companies, as they want fresh thinkers who they can train in their processes. You’ll gain lots of useful skills and experience while you put in the hours, which will help you progress and advance your career. Ready to start out in a trainee legal assistant job in London, and move on to a more advanced legal job in London later on? Check out the selection we have on this page.

A big bonus to legal assistant jobs in London is the variety of work you can find. There are full-time jobs in London for anyone who’s ready to hit the ground running and put in the hours. If you’re only looking for something casual to build up experience and bulk up your bank account, you can also find part-time jobs in London. Some law firms also offer summer jobs in London for students who want to put their newfound knowledge to work, but don’t have the time during the school year. And it’s not just the work schedule that offers variety; you’ll also find a lot of variation in the tasks you do. It could be a hands-on role assisting in the preparation of a case, or a more background position focussing on admin. Jobs for legal assistants in London come in all forms, as you can see, so explore what’s on offer to find the one that suits you best.

Not sure how to sort through all the legal assistant roles available in London? No worries, that’s what we’re here for. We’ve created a handy filter tool to help you weed out any irrelevant vacancies asap. You can quickly and easily add your preferences for distance from the city centre, level of education required, and type of work. Sort the page by how recent the vacancies are, so you always see the newest ones first. Did you find a job for legal assistants in London that ticks all your boxes? Great, go ahead and hit ‘apply’. If you’re still not sure, and want to keep looking, save any vacancies that catch your eye to your profile so that you can go back to them later. That way, you won’t miss out on any opportunities to apply for a great legal assistant job in London. Get started now!

FAQs about legal assistant jobs in London:

How much can I earn in a legal assistant job in London?

A legal assistant job in London pays an average salary of £24,000-£26,000, but you can also earn cash bonuses ranging from £500-£5,000.

Are there part-time jobs for legal assistants in London?

Absolutely! To find all the part-time jobs for legal assistants in London, just add the ‘part-time’ filter to your search.

How do I apply for a legal assistant role in London?

It’s easy: create a profile with YoungCapital, upload your CV and contact details, and click ‘apply’ on the legal assistant job in London that you’re after.

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