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Thinking about getting a forklift driver job? There are excellent reasons to do so. Several UK industries have a high demand for forklift operators, so you’ll enjoy job security and flexibility in picking your employer. You can find flt driver jobs to fit just about any schedule, from full-time vacancies, to part-time, to night shifts. Want to know more? You’re on the best platform to find work. We offer a wide selection of quality vacancies by the UK’s top employers. Scroll on this page and find yourself a job as a forklift operator today. Want to stay informed about our latest vacancies? Sign up to receive new forklift driver jobs matching your preferences.

How to find forklift driver jobs

There are tons of forklift driver jobs in the UK, so finding one should be a piece of cake, right? Not always. If you don't know how to search for jobs, you'll waste time on unreliable websites browsing irrelevant vacancies. Good thing you've arrived at our platform; we only select jobs from trusted employers. We also update our vacancies periodically to bring you the latest employment opportunities. So now that you’re here, it’s time to learn how to search for flt driver jobs that suit you. To find relevant vacancies quickly, you have to use search filters. Before going through all openings on this page, adjust the criteria that are relevant to you. For example, enter your city or postcode to find jobs near you. Are you looking for part-time vacancies? Adjust filters to your preferred type of employment. You can also define what distance you’re looking for work and use keywords to find specific forklift operator jobs.

Now that you know how to find flt driver jobs matching your preferences, save yourself a great deal of time and active job alerts (the switch is on this page, right on top of the vacancy list). You might be wondering: ‘What’s the point of job alerts?’ Setting up an email alert takes only a few seconds, and it guarantees that you’ll be the first to know about new forklift driver jobs fitting your needs. Staying informed is important because the quicker you apply for a new vacancy, the higher your chances of being considered for the position. Lastly, if you have vacancy alerts, you don’t need to check for new postings constantly. Our latest forklift operator jobs will go straight to your inbox.

Best cities for finding forklift driver jobs

As we said before, there’s a shortage of forklift operators in the entire country. If you’re looking for forklift driver jobs in London, you’ll definitely find the largest number and variety of vacancies. London is famous for having the highest average salary in the UK, but also for the highest average cost of living. An excellent alternative if you want to work in a large urban centre is to take on a flt job in Manchester. The city offers quality of living as high as London, but has lower rent costs. But if your priority is having better job opportunities at an even lower cost of living than Manchester, go for a flt job in Birmingham. The city is a global hub for industry, ecommerce and businesses, and still more affordable than Manchester or London. Now, if you value work-life balance, a friendly environment, and you’re a Beatles fan (or not), a flt job in Liverpool could be the right choice for you. These aren’t your only options, though. You’ll also find plenty of excellent forklift driver jobs in Glasgow, Nottingham, and Leicester.

How to become a forklift driver

Many people interested in becoming a flt driver are curious about how to get a forklift licence. Here’s some great news: you don’t need one. To land forklift driver jobs, you don’t even need a regular driving licence. To learn how to operate forklifts, you must be at least 16 years of age. As for qualifications, you must complete an approved forklift training course. A basic training course usually lasts from 3 to 5 days, but that also depends on your experience level and the type of equipment you’re training for. Trainings can cost between £200 to £700, but they’re often provided by employers.

FAQs about forklift driver jobs:

What’s a forklift driver's salary?

A forklift driver’s salary varies between £21,200 and £32,200 per year.

What qualifications do you need to be a forklift driver?

There’s not one set of qualifications required to become a forklift driver. You don’t even need a driving licence to land most flt driver jobs. However, you’ll have to take a training course, but that’s usually provided by your employer.

How to find forklift driver jobs near me?

Find forklift driver jobs near you by filtering the vacancies on this page by city or postcode. Fill in the named field at the top of the page and click ‘Apply filters’ to view postings near you. Register to receive the latest flt driver jobs matching your preferences as soon as they’re published to our platform.

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