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Do you want to take on a packing job? That’s an easy way to make a few quid. To become a packing operative, you can either apply directly for a vacancy or take on an apprenticeship at a manufacturing, retail or distribution company. Contrary to what some may think, a packing or picker packer job can offer opportunities for career progression. With experience, you can grow from packing operative to supervisor or shift leader, for example. Curious to explore our vacancies? Browse this page, pick a few postings you like, and start applying today. To stay informed about the latest packing jobs in your region, register with us.

What it takes to get a packing job

The entry requirements to become a packing operative are quite simple. Most companies will ask you for a GCSE, and that’s it. Some employers may want to check your practical skills before offering you the role. Other than having minimal education, to land an order picker job, you must show the ability to work well with others and on your own. Concentration, customer service, and basic computer skills are highly valued by top employers looking for packing operatives. To perform many of your tasks, you’ll also need physical skills. So if you like being active at work and being a part of a team, a packing job is the gig for you.

What you’ll do on a packing job

Packing operatives, also known as order pickers or packers, usually work in warehouses, factories, and retail stores. Their daily tasks include wrapping finished products to make sure they’re transported safely to the end customer, inspecting orders, filling and sealing containers such as boxes and craters, etc. Weighing, labelling, and retrieving items from inventory are also part of a packing job’s daily duties. In this role, you’ll learn how to choose the right containers and materials to pack each item, fulfil incoming orders, load machines with packing materials, and control the quality of packed goods. Working a warehouse job, you also learn a lot about teamwork, discipline, and organisation.

Top cities offering packing jobs

You’ll find the largest offer of packing jobs in London. The UK capital pays the highest hourly wage in the country and is filled with employment opportunities in logistics. If you want to go from an entry-level warehouse worker role to a supervising or team lead position, it’s smart to take a packing job in London. Leicester and Birmingham also offer tons of vacancies for picker packers. With a modern and thriving manufacturing industry, Leicester provides career opportunities and high quality of living at affordable costs. So if you’re looking for an alternative to the expensive London life, go for a packing job in Leicester. Do you prefer living in the West Midlands region? You’ll also find heaps of packing jobs in Birmingham. The city is a global centre for commerce, business and industry. If you rather work in the northwest of England, Manchester is the place to be. The city is home to some of the biggest online brands in the country, which means a great deal of warehouse work is available. Not interested in a packing job in Manchester? That’s fine; there are plenty of other cities offering picker packer jobs, such as Glasgow, Leeds, and Liverpool. Fill the top filter on this page with your city or postcode and find a vacancy near you.

Part-time packing jobs

If you need a flexible schedule, a packing job can be ideal for you. Employers offer all types of part-time employment, so you’re bound to find a vacancy that fits your desired working hours. ‘Why are there so many options for part-time packing jobs?’, you could be wondering. That’s because packers play a key role in the logistics industry. For example, the work of picker packers is essential for conducting well-oiled warehouse operations. Plus, sorting orders and supporting timely delivery, which are part of packers’ duties, is crucial for running online stores efficiently. For those reasons, retailers and online businesses need numerous packing operatives working in various types of shifts to guarantee smooth operations. That means you’ll find tons of part-time packing jobs, including weekend and night shifts, all over the UK. Did you know you can even have a home-based packing gig? Work-from-home packing jobs are getting more popular every day. You can earn some cash from the comfort of your living room. Why not give it a go?

FAQs about packing jobs:

How to find packing jobs near me?

Go to the top of this page and fill the top filter with your city or postcode. Tap ‘Apply filters’, and you’ll see all posting near you. Sign up to create personalised job alerts and be the first to know about the latest packing jobs in your region.

How to find a part-time packing job?

Easy: select ‘part-time’ under the ‘Type of employment’ filter to view all our available part-time packing jobs. You can also pick weekend and evening vacancies. Don’t want to miss any new vacancies? Log in and set up a job alert.

How to find warehouse packing jobs hiring near me?

Go to warehouse jobs, enter your city or postcode in the top filter and the word ‘packing’ in the keyword filter. You can also look for warehouse packing jobs on this page by filtering searches by location and the word ‘warehouse’.

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