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If you’re on the lookout for packing jobs in London, you’ve come to the right place. Also known as order picker or picker packer jobs, YoungCapital offers a range of vacancies suitable for anyone, no matter your experience level. And, the great thing is, applying for picker packer vacancies in London takes just a few clicks - done and dusted in mere moments! So get started by registering with us. No more endless scrolling: turn on vacancy alerts, and we’ll send you all the latest packing jobs in London as soon as they go live.

The ins and outs of packing jobs in London

So you want to be an order picker? They’re essential jobs in London, as online shopping is booming, so you’d be doing the city a big favour - someone needs to pack those orders! You’ll need to be organised and task-oriented, as in these roles, you’ll be handling many orders that will need to be shipped in a timely manner. Many picker packer jobs in London are in warehouses, as that’s where most stock is bulk stored, packed up, and then shipped out to individual customers. If you’re more into the unloading and loading of cargo, check out our warehouse operative jobs in London. Factory packers are pretty common too, whether you’re loading product into large containers to ship to warehouses or handling direct distribution to customers. Are you more interested in roles where you’re responsible for the packaging of items? There are jobs in London for food packers, too. In this position, you could be sealing and packaging individual products, picking and packing at a distribution centre, or both! If we’ve sparked your interest, take a scroll through this page to find the latest picker packer work in London. Or, for a similar role, head on over to our page full of shipping clerk vacancies in London.

Not sure what kind of packing job you want in London? Let us inspire you. If you want a consistent stream of income, a full-time job in London as a picker packer is the way to go. When you’re in the thick of it every day, you’ll be gaining lots of experience, so if you’ve got leadership potential, you can work your way up to a warehouse manager job. Or is your schedule pretty packed, so you need something a bit more flexible? London’s part-time vacancies for order pickers are up for grabs then. They’re a great way to make a bit of money on the side, while keeping your calendar free for other commitments or hobbies. We also have evening and night jobs in London for the picker packers who are night owls. Ideal for those who have busy daytimes or just aren’t a fan of the sun (vampires welcome). A night packing job in London might not be for you, but we’re sure to have something for you on our site - take a gander.

Where can you get a packing job in London?

There’s packing work all over London, you just need to know how to look! Make use of our filtering tool: use the distance and keyword filters to find vacancies appropriate for you. Wherever you are in Greater London - north, south, east, or west - a picker packer job is waiting for you on our site. But don’t worry, if you’re unable to find a vacancy near to you in London, we have packing from home jobs too. In these positions, your employer will send you products and packaging in bulk, and it’s then your job to package them appropriately and send orders out to customers. When you find your groove, it’s very therapeutic work. Have we caught your attention? Filter this page by ‘work-from-home jobs’ or browse through all our WFH vacancies.

FAQs about packing jobs in London:

Do I need experience to get a packing job in London?

No, most packing jobs in London will hire those with no previous order picking experience. Recruiters look for candidates who are reliable and work at a fast pace.

Where can I find picker packer jobs near London?

We have vacancies in many cities on the outskirts of Greater London, like picker packer jobs in Slough and Watford. They’re only a short train ride away! Otherwise, in the city search box, replace ‘London’ with your city or postcode.

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