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Are you thinking of getting a shipping clerk job? You’d be making a smart decision; the logistics industry works non-stop, and needs lots of people working shipping and receiving clerk jobs to keep track of everything. Many of the top employers in the UK have a need for shipping clerks at all hours, so no matter what kind of work you need, you’ll find something to suit you. Sign up with YoungCapital to stay up-to-date with all the latest import export clerk job vacancies, and save any that catch your eye to your profile. We’ll help you find your ideal shipping clerk job in a flash, so get cracking!

What are shipping clerk jobs?

So, what exactly does a shipping and receiving clerk do? Essentially, their job is to keep tabs on orders and ensure that all the records are accurate and up to date. They may also be responsible for packing orders, making sure they get the right labels and barcodes, and getting them out quickly so they arrive at their destination on time. It’s a very detail-orientated role, so you need to make sure you have a keen eye and a knack for organisation. Sounds like something for you? Have a browse through our selection of shipping clerk jobs to see if any take your fancy, or check out other logistics jobs to get more inspiration.

Wondering what kind of hours you can work in a shipping clerk job? Well, thanks to the non-stop nature of the industry, you’ll find vacancies to fit all kinds of schedules, from full-time jobs to evening positions. It’s also very common to get a part-time job as a shipping clerk, as it allows you to build up knowledge and experience in logistics without having to commit to a full-on 9-5. Whatever kind of employment you’re after, you can easily find vacancies that match. Just use our filter tool and select what you’re looking for. It’s dead-easy to find shipping and receiving clerk jobs, so why wait? Start your search today to find your best match asap.

FAQs about shipping clerk jobs:

Are there any shipping clerk jobs near me?

Absolutely! Just add the town you’re interested in as a keyword, and you’ll see all the vacancies located in the area. Make sure to save any that catch your eye to your profile. Because it’s such a huge centre of trade, there are heaps of shipping clerk jobs in London, so try looking there.

Can I get a shipping clerk job with no experience?

For sure! There are tons of entry-level shipping clerk jobs out there, and lots of graduate jobs for shipping and receiving clerks. Many people start out at this level and work their way up, so keep your sights aimed high!

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