Full-time jobs in Sunderland

There are 25 full-time jobs in Sunderland.

Whether you’re making a career switch, recently graduated, or simply dipping your toes in the vacancy pool, there’s bound to be a full-time job in Sunderland for you. At YoungCapital, we’re happy to help you find suitable employment! Instead of scrolling through hundreds of irrelevant vacancies, why not put our job filters to good use? Select your area of expertise, education level, and distance from the city centre of Sunderland, and there you have it — you’re left with a handful of relevant jobs! Sign up with our website, and turn on job alerts, so you don’t miss out on the latest full-time jobs in Sunderland!

What you need to know about full-time jobs in Sunderland

If you have too much work experience, your resume is too crowded. Not enough, and it's too skimpy. This is a common problem. The good news is that we offer a variety of jobs tailored to graduates and experienced jobseekers alike. Check out our graduate jobs in Sunderland if you have little to no work experience. On the flip side, if you’re a masterful communicator and solving problems is a breeze, why not apply for a full-time customer service job in Sunderland? If building customer rapport and negotiating is more in your wheelhouse, then a full-time sales job in Sunderland would be an excellent option.

We understand that sitting in the office behind a computer screen, and picking up the phone fifty times a day, isn’t everyone’s scene. Prefer to be out and about? We also offer a range of full-time driving jobs in Sunderland. A driving occupation is great for those who fancy flexibility. Prefer to stick to one location, but still crave a bit of movement throughout the day? Apply for a full-time warehouse job in Sunderland. For many, nothing beats working from the comfort of their own home. Sound like you? We also offer work-from-home jobs - told you we’ve got something for everyone! Don’t wait too long, and start applying for full-time employment in Sunderland today.

FAQs about full-time jobs in Sunderland:

What are the most popular full-time jobs in Sunderland?

It’s easy for newcomers to start out in entry-level positions and quickly advance to their desired position, so full-time logistics jobs in Sunderland are in high demand.

Does YoungCapital also offer part-time jobs in Sunderland?

Yes, we absolutely do! If you’re looking to earn some money on the side while you pursue other hobbies, then a part-time job in Sunderland is an excellent option!

What is the average salary for a full-time job in Sunderland?

The average base salary for a full-time job in Sunderland is £26,000. This number will vary depending on your experience, skills, and the hours you choose to work.

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