Marketing jobs in Birmingham

There are 14 marketing jobs in Birmingham

Are you on the hunt for a marketing job in Birmingham? Not any more, as now that you’ve come to our site, you’re sure to find work suited to you! Find relevant marketing vacancies in Birmingham quickly by using our filtering system. Tick preferences like education level and distance, enter keywords for a more specific search, and sort the page to your liking. Ideal vacancies in a flash! Get your job hunt started off on the right foot by making a YC account. Then, save all your favourite marketing jobs in Birmingham to your profile - so hop to it!

The types of marketing jobs in Birmingham

So what kinds of marketing roles in Birmingham are available for you? Luckily, marketing is an expansive industry that caters to both the experienced and inexperienced.

Don’t have much or any experience under your belt? No worries, you can get a junior marketing job in Birmingham as an assistant or trainee. Employers are always looking for fresh talent with new ideas, and so are willing to put the effort into training newbies. If you’ve recently finished up your degree at uni, we have graduate jobs in Birmingham in marketing. These are entry-level positions where you’ll learn a lot, but will often be doing the lower-level work that usually gets lumped onto interns.

Are you experienced in the field of marketing? Excellent, as we also offer vacancies for you! There are many kinds of senior marketing job positions in Birmingham, like manager or director of marketing. With a management job in Birmingham, you’ll need plenty of leadership skills (or at least leadership potential) as you’ll be managing staff and operations. Head of marketing jobs in Birmingham are tough but rewarding - both mentally and monetarily - so give them a crack if you’ve got the relevant experience.

What’s the right marketing job in Birmingham for you?

There are many pathways in marketing, so which one is right for you? If you’re a tech whizz, then you should consider one of the most in-demand careers in marketing: digital marketing jobs in Birmingham. From managers to assistants, there are digital marketing opportunities for every kind of person. We even offer web editor roles in Birmingham, for those who love to design and implement website content. Are you good with technology, but more with the latest trends rather than with the technical side of things? A social media marketing job in Birmingham is where you’ll want to be then. Create content for your company, come up with and optimise social media marketing campaigns, and more! Or, if you’ve got a super creative mind and a great sense of style, one of Birmingham’s fashion marketing jobs could be a better fit. Whatever you’re after, start scrolling this page to explore your options.

Are you looking for a people-focused marketing job in Birmingham? Working in sales would be ideal then! Sales and marketing positions are concentrated on selling products or services that your company offers, which means lots of collaboration between co-workers and clients. Alternatively, a marketing communications job in Birmingham is all about meeting clients and building client-company relationships. So, if you’re a social butterfly, this is a role to consider. Get your job search started by logging in to your YC account. Then, you can apply for all your favourite marketing vacancies in Birmingham in just a few clicks.

FAQs about marketing jobs in Birmingham:

What’s the typical marketing job salary in Birmingham?

This varies depending on your job level: in Birmingham, the salary for marketing managers averages at £35,000-£48,000 per year, while the average marketing assistant salary is around £20,000-£28,000 per year.

Do you offer part-time marketing jobs in Birmingham?

Yes! Either filter this page by ‘part-time’, or head to our part-time jobs in Birmingham and filter by ‘marketing’.

Where can I find marketing jobs in Birmingham’s city centre?

Right here; just use our distance filter and set it to a small radius. Register with us to apply for marketing job positions in Birmingham in just a couple of minutes.

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