Marketing jobs in Edinburgh

There are 17 marketing jobs in Edinburgh

If you're looking to find a marketing job in Edinburgh, you're in luck. Companies are becoming more dependent on good marketing strategies by the day, which means that the industry is booming. We offer a variety of marketing vacancies in Edinburgh; whether you're a first-timer or a seasoned professional, you'll find your fit right here on our platform. To get started, sign up and save your favourite vacancies as you browse. We'll keep them safe until you're ready to apply. Now, don't waste a minute more — get scrolling to explore all the marketing jobs Edinburgh has to offer.

Types of marketing jobs in Edinburgh

Like we said, Edinburgh's marketing jobs are very diverse. This means there's a role for everyone out there. Digital marketing jobs in Edinburgh are very popular. This type of work requires working with data, so it's a great fit for someone with good analytical skills. These jobs can also be done online, which makes it perfect for marketeers searching for work-from-home opportunities. Are you a problem-solver with good written and verbal skills? Consider one of Edinburgh's jobs in communications. You'll develop a good understanding of clients' businesses so that you can determine their communications needs as effectively as possible. Just finished uni and looking to pursue one of these careers? Have a look at one of our Edinburgh-based graduate jobs in marketing. These roles will prepare you for your ideal job. They're also a great addition to any CV!

The vacancies on our platform are fit for different levels of experience. We offer entry-level marketing jobs in Edinburgh that'll let you learn on the job. Consider one of the marketing assistant jobs Edinburgh has to offer. You'll be assisting with various marketing campaigns and learning about the industry while you're at it. Of course, you can also do part-time marketing jobs in Edinburgh. Market research jobs are very popular among those looking to earn some money on the side. You'll be collecting information on customer and sales trends, and might even help with setting up future marketing plans. Point is, whether you're interested in taking on a full-time position or simply looking for a side gig to earn some extra cash, you'll find something that suits you. So, go ahead and find your ideal marketing job in Edinburgh now!

What to know about marketing jobs in Edinburgh

Wondering what you'll be paid for taking on a marketing job in Edinburgh? Well, it depends on your role and level of experience. While Edinburgh's junior marketing jobs can earn you between £20,000 and £30,000 per year, senior roles reel in much bigger numbers. Marketing manager jobs in Edinburgh typically bring in between £40,000 and £50,000 per year — sometimes even more. The marketing industry is a promising one, especially if you're willing to climb the ladder to the top.

Worried about commuting for work in and around Edinburgh? Don't be! Edinburgh's public transport system is very effective. You can take the bus, tram, train, or taxi to work. The bus system is more effective if your job is in the old town centre; luckily, buses run 24 hours and frequently too, so you'll never be stranded on your way to or from work. The fact that public transport works so well makes finding your ideal marketing job in Edinburgh much easier. There's no reason to put off your search, so go find your ideal vacancies and apply!

Finding your ideal marketing job in Edinburgh

With so many marketing jobs available in Edinburgh, we've made it easier for you to find your ideal one. Use our filtering tool to specify your job needs. If you're looking for a remote position, select 'work-from-home jobs' and we'll display all the vacancies that offer remote opportunities. Searching for a part-time role? Tick the 'part-time jobs' box to see the relevant jobs that are up for grabs. It's as simple as that! We want you to find the ideal marketing vacancy in Edinburgh without having to labour through job listings that don't match your needs. If you're worried about missing out on new vacancies, we've got you covered too. Turn on your email alerts in your profile. Whenever new roles become available, we'll let you know. Now that you've got all the info you need, give that filtering tool a go!

FAQs about marketing jobs in Edinburgh:

I can't find a marketing job in Edinburgh. What now?

Worry not, because we've got tons of marketing jobs near Edinburgh that are sure to pique your interest. Have a look at our marketing vacancies in Stirling or Glasgow. You're bound to find something for you!

How can I stay up-to-date with the latest marketing jobs in Edinburgh?

Turn on email alerts in your profile. We'll let you know as soon as a new marketing job in Edinburgh pops up!

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