Nurse jobs in Birmingham

There are 2 nurse jobs in Birmingham

Are you looking for a nurse job in Birmingham? Great! We'll help you find the ideal nurse vacancy in just a 5-minute read! YoungCapital helps students, young professionals, and first-timers find nurse work that suits their skills and interests. Still a student and want to put theory into practice? We offer tons of entry-level nurse work in Birmingham. Maybe you're looking for a change of scenery; scroll through our different nurse roles offered on this page. Can't wait to get started on your job hunt for your first or next nurse job in Birmingham? Create your YC profile today and find your ideal job in no time!

What skills do you need for a nurse job in Birmingham?

There are more than 300 people searching for 'nurse jobs in Birmingham' on Google. So you're not alone if it's been a long search – up until now! YoungCapital will let you in on all the skills you need depending on what kind of nurse vacancy you're after in Birmingham.

Let's start with one of the most popular vacancies, which are dental nurse jobs in Birmingham. Your daily tasks will consist of preparing fillings, advising patients on oral hygiene, sterilising tools, filing x-rays, and filing information about patients. There are plenty of other tasks that will fill up your day and keep it interesting. However, the important skills you need to have on your CV are: detail-oriented, good customer service, work well under pressure, and be good at multitasking. Do you think you have what it takes? Stay on this page and apply for your future nurse role, or head on over to our top employers page and see if you find a suiting nurse job in Birmingham.

The next popular nurse position on the list is nursery nurse jobs in Birmingham. Do you like children, and guiding parents with the development of their child? Then this might be the right position for you. It’s a great option if you want to acquire strong communication and interpersonal skills, critical thinking, and organisational and observational skills. These skills are important since you'll be providing infant care, recording medical information, and ensuring a child safe environment, just to name a few. Are you interested in another type of nurse job available in Birmingham? Maybe a nursing home care job in Birmingham might be something for you. Are you more into medicine? Have a look at medical jobs available on our site.

How to find a nurse job in Birmingham

If you're already sure of the type of nurse job you're looking for in Birmingham, use the filter tool on this page. Our filter tool will help you narrow down your job search quick and easy. All you have to do is select whether you want part-time or full-time work, your education type, and adjust the distance you're willing to commute. After doing this, you'll have a clear overview of all the nurse vacancies in Birmingham that match your requirements.

Once you find a couple of vacancies that pique your interest, just save them to your account and apply when you're ready!

FAQs about nurse jobs in Birmingham

What's the average salary for nurse work in Birmingham?

Your actual salary will depend on your role, but the average salary for a nurse job in Birmingham is between £30,000 and £35,000 per year.

Are there any student nurse jobs available in Birmingham?

Yes there are. YoungCapital caters to students, young professionals, and first-timers. Scroll through our nurse jobs available in Birmingham and find your student job in no time!

What's the starting salary for a dental nurse job in Birmingham?

The starting salary for a dental nurse job in Birmingham starts at around £29,000 per year.