Security jobs in Birmingham

There are 4 security jobs in Birmingham

Are you looking for a security job in Birmingham so you can show off how tough you are, but struggling to find the right vacancies? No need to worry, YoungCapital is here to help you out. We’ve put in the work to find all the best security vacancies that Birmingham has to offer, and have them all laid out on this page for you to explore. So, if you’re ready to flex your muscles, we’re ready to help you find what you’re looking for. Sign up with us today to make your search for a security job in Birmingham as quick and easy as possible.

Types of security jobs in Birmingham

Ready to discover what security jobs are on offer in Birmingham? Let us talk you through what we’ve got. There are plenty of standard security guard jobs across Birmingham, where you can be on patrol and making sure everything is above-board. You can start off in an entry-level role, and work your way up to an officer position. Birmingham’s security jobs can be a great career move, as there’s lots of opportunity to grow in these positions. Browse through our selection to see how you can kick-start a great working life.

You can find security jobs in Birmingham across a number of different sectors and job industries. Some common options are retail security jobs, as Birmingham has lots of shops and retail spaces that need monitoring and watching over. If you’re after something a bit more intense, and don’t mind a higher level of responsibility, then consider working in the transport sector. You can find security jobs in Birmingham’s airport and railway services, and contribute to keeping people safe and sound on their travels. On the other hand, if you’re looking for work that’s more relaxed and low-key, consider a door supervisor job. Birmingham has opportunities for security work with a variety of top employers in the UK, so whatever you’re into, there’s no excuse not to look for a position. Get searching!

Want to go for something more advanced, like a graduate job in Birmingham? Security manager and supervisor jobs need a bit more experience and skill, so they’d be a perfect way to show off your knowledge and leadership abilities. Or, if you’re more into the tech side of things, have a look at some of the cyber security jobs available in Birmingham. From CCTV operators to analyst jobs, you can flex your ability to see the hidden details and fix problems quickly and efficiently. Have we piqued your interest? If you want to explore the other tech jobs we have on offer, have a look at our IT jobs in Birmingham to see what’s available.

The need-to-knows about security jobs in Birmingham

So, you’re interested in a security job in Birmingham, but are you wondering if it’ll suit your lifestyle? Well, we’re here to tell you that it absolutely will! The variety of security work that Birmingham has to offer means there’s something to suit everybody’s needs. Want to dive in head first and start your career? Then a full-time job in Birmingham as a security guard would suit you perfectly. Are you not ready to make the commitment, and only want something casual to earn on the side? Then check out our part-time jobs in Birmingham in security. Another super popular and very in-demand option is a night job in Birmingham as a security guard. The night shift is an important part of security work, as that’s when the most incidents occur. Think you’re up to the challenge? Then start looking for a security job in Birmingham asap.

One important thing to remember about many of Birmingham’s security jobs (and ones all over the UK) is that there are certain requirements. The Security Industry Authority has to grant you a licence to work in the security industry in Birmingham. SIA jobs are often paid better, since they require extra training, but the work isn’t necessarily more challenging. On another note, some security work in Birmingham may have some fitness or height requirements, but don’t let that hold you back. There are a heap of options out there, so get searching for your ideal security job in Birmingham today — you never know what you might find!

FAQs about security jobs in Birmingham:

How much can I earn in a security job in Birmingham?

The average security job in Birmingham pays around £20,000 to £22,000 a year, or roughly £10 an hour.

Can I get a security job in Birmingham with no experience?

Absolutely! You don’t need experience to work a security job in Birmingham, but a SIA licence is generally a requirement of the job.

Where can I find new security jobs in Birmingham?

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