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Are you on the hunt for a production assistant job in London? Then you’re in luck, as we have production operative jobs on offer in London that take mere minutes to apply for. Want to easily find suitable roles? Make use of our handy filtering tool, where you can tick work preferences and enter specific keywords. This will quickly narrow down your search to only the most relevant vacancies. Now all that’s left to do is apply, so register with us to get the process started - your future production assistant job in London awaits!

Need-to-knows about production assistant jobs in London

In a production assistant or factory operative job in London, you’ll be - wait, factory? Yep, this is our page for that kind of production job in London, not one on film sets. If you’re more interested in a creative role, you can check out our pages for design jobs or marketing jobs in London. Anyway, in a production assistant or factory operative job in London, you’ll be monitoring and/or manufacturing goods in a factory. This means either watching the production line, ensuring everything is operating correctly, or putting goods together yourself, like making furniture, packaging food, etc. Are you interested in manufacturing in general, not just production operative jobs? One of London’s manufacturing jobs would be a great fit for you then.

Unsure of when and for how long you want to work? Production assistant work in London is fairly flexible, so you have choices. A full-time job in London is best for production workers who are looking for a stable income and routine timetable, but it does mean less time for other commitments, hobbies, and socialising. A part-time job in London as a production assistant would mean most of your time is free to pursue your interests or other responsibilities, but your bank balance might not love it. Part-time work can even be specific to certain times of the week, like evening-only jobs or weekend-only jobs in London. Whatever contract type you fancy, you’re sure to find it on our platform; just use our filter tool to quickly narrow down your results.

Not having any luck finding a production assistant vacancy in London? No worries, we have other options available to you. Why not work in a similar environment to a factory, a warehouse. London’s warehouse jobs are a popular option, as cargo needs a place to be stored and redistributed; this goes for personal parcels, groceries, goods, and more. Or, look at the wider industry, logistics work in London. Is your heart set on production assistant jobs? Well, we have vacancies all over the country, including on the outskirts of London. For example, production assistant jobs in Slough are just a short commute away. So hop to it, and explore all our production assistant vacancies on offer near London.

FAQs about production assistant jobs in London:

What’s the average salary for a production assistant in London?

The typical job salary for a production assistant in London is around £21,000-£30,000 per year. This will vary by employer, and if your role requires any relevant skills or experience.

How can I find out about new production assistant jobs in London?

You can easily sort this page by ‘newest vacancies’, to see our latest production operatives jobs in London. Alternatively, sign up with us and set up email alerts; we’ll let you know when any new production assistant jobs in London get posted.

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