Summer jobs in Leeds

There are 255 summer jobs in Leeds

Are you on break from school or another job, and are a bit broke? Then get yourself a summer job in Leeds. No matter if you’re a student or young professional, we can help you find employment. With one of the most diverse economies in the country, you’ll surely find the kind of summer vacancy you’re after in Leeds. There’s also no reason to shy away from trying out new roles, you never know what you might discover! So don’t waste any time; sign up with YoungCapital, upload your CV, and start applying for summer jobs in Leeds with ease.

What’re your options for a summer job in Leeds?

The best thing about summer jobs is that they’re temporary. Leeds has many universities and higher education institutions, meaning there are loads of workers and students off over the summer. An increase in demand for leisure activities and services means an increased need for workers. So for all you students and teens looking for summer jobs in Leeds, we’ve got you! The key industries you’ll want to be keeping an eye on are retail and hospitality, so take advantage of the summer boom and get a retail job in Leeds or a bar staff job in Leeds.

Have you left getting a summer job in Leeds a bit late? Then you need an immediate start job in Leeds! The logistics industry is an amazing place to look for jobs that hire quickly. Some popular positions in this sector are warehouse assistant jobs and driver jobs in Leeds. As some of the best seasonal jobs in Leeds, they offer excellent flexibility in working hours, allow you to be independent in your work, and often require little to no experience. With these jobs in Leeds, you’ll never have empty coffers again because of how in demand you’ll be. And with a warehouse job in Leeds, you’ll even get to work on that summer bod with how active the role is. So don’t miss out on any of these opportunities; start scrolling, and tap the heart to save all postings that interest you to your profile. There you can also switch on job alerts, so you’ll never miss when a new summer job in Leeds goes live.

If you’re more of the indoors type, then get an office job this summer in Leeds. Not only will you have AC to combat the heat, but you’ll make invaluable bonds with your colleagues. An admin job in Leeds will often have you organising, filing, typing, and generally managing the workplace. There are also many offices in Leeds offering summer temp jobs, as whether an employee is on holiday or maternity leave, the office needs to keep running. Or perhaps you’re more of a digital nomad; no matter, lots of roles are moving online these days in Leeds. See our range of work-from-home jobs if you want to explore your options.

So with all these options, something must’ve sparked your interest, right? Click through to your desired page, or use the filters on this page to find your ideal summer job in Leeds. Don’t delay: start applying today.

FAQs about summer jobs in Leeds:

How much will I earn at a summer job in Leeds?

The average part-time wage in the UK is around £10-£11 per hour, but they often pay slightly higher due to summer jobs’ temporary nature. Though, this will all depend on your experience, role, and the company you work for.

Are there any customer service summer jobs in Leeds?

Yes, we have a range of customer service jobs in Leeds on our platform; just apply filters to that page to find summer work.

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