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Working at AstraZeneca means:

  • joining a team that’s committed to the greater good;
  • exploring a variety of career paths across different industries;
  • accessing valuable training and development programmes;
  • benefits to help you reach a better level of personal wellbeing;
  • being at the cutting edge of scientific research.

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Build a career at AstraZeneca

If you want to be a part of the next wave of scientific advancement, then you’ll want to bag yourself a job at AstraZeneca. No matter your area of expertise, or what kind of job you need, AstraZeneca has employment opportunities for everyone. Diversity and inclusion is a top priority, as a diverse team leads to diverse ways of thinking and working – essential in the medical field! From engineering positions and technical jobs in the lab to sales jobs in the office, AstraZeneca’s vacancies are as varied as its team members. Want to get working in one of the top scientific companies to build a career in? AstraZeneca’s jobs are waiting for you, so start browsing for your ideal fit.

Finding AstraZeneca jobs through YC

Whether you’re looking for a part-time gig to build up experience, or a graduate job, AstraZeneca is a great place to do so. YoungCapital is here to bridge the gap between big employers and young professionals like you. Start off by creating an account with us so you have instant access to all of our helpful benefits. Someone from our team will be in contact asap to talk through the best way to go about the job application process. We’ll help you tailor your application to land your ideal job at AstraZeneca, whatever it may be.

How exactly do we help you? Well, we can offer personalised advice on which vacancies to go for, or how to best approach applying for them. We’ll get you ready to work at AstraZeneca with lots of helpful tips and tricks to nail the application and interview process. And, we’ve even got helpful tools like a free CV maker to ensure your resume is looking polished. You’ll land your ideal job at AstraZeneca in no time at all! Have you not found any positions there that you like? No worries, we have plenty of alternatives. Check out our full selection of science jobs and medical positions to see what else takes your fancy.

FAQs about working at AstraZeneca

  • Can I work at the AstraZeneca with no qualifications?

    Absolutely! While a lot of the more technical jobs require a background or qualification in the industry, there are plenty of entry-level alternatives. Use the filtering tool to add your level of education and enter keywords like ‘entry-level’. You’ll see all the job vacancies at AstraZeneca that match your level of experience and qualifications.

  • How do I find AstraZeneca jobs near me?

    Our filtering tool is the easiest way to find any jobs at AstraZeneca in your area. All you have to do is enter your town or city in to the search box and adjust the distance you want to travel. No matter where in the UK you want a job at AstraZeneca, be it London, Leeds, or Liverpool, you can find it quickly and easily with YoungCapital.

  • Is AstraZeneca a good place to work?

    Definitely. Not only are they committed to bringing the best quality medication to their customers, they’re also eager to help their employees. A job at AstraZeneca is an opportunity to join a team of diverse colleagues, develop new professional skills, and use the latest technology.

  • Why should I apply for AstraZeneca vacancies through YoungCapital?

    We’re not just here to throw a bunch of vacancies at you. We want to help you make the most of your AstraZeneca job hunt and application process. We’ll be in touch with you personally to discuss what you need from us, and you can reach out to us at any point to ask questions and get advice.