Network Rail Jobs

There are 1 jobs available at Network Rail

A career with Network Rail means:

  • working at a company that connects the whole of Great Britain;
  • personal development plans, no matter your speciality;
  • a wide range of roles, from engineering to admin to logistics;
  • employee benefits, like discounted child and healthcare;
  • being part of a team committed to sustainability and diversity.

Why get a Network Rail job

When you take on a job at Network Rail, you’re joining the company that keeps the whole of the UK connected. It’s Network Rail’s job to transport both people and freight across the nation, so a large team is needed to keep it all running smoothly. Besides the huge number of vacancies dropping regularly, there are heaps of perks that are sure to interest you. From subsidised rail tickets to discounts at UK retailers, employment at Network Rail provides much more than just a pay cheque. And, if sustainability is top of your agenda, you should absolutely apply to Network Rail. The company is making lots of moves towards a greener way of working and operating, so this is your chance to become part of the movement. Sounds exciting, right? Stick with YoungCapital to find out more about landing your ideal job at Network Rail.

Find your job at Network Rail

What kind of jobs are there at Network Rail? Is it all just train drivers and crossing guards? Absolutely not! While those roles are common and highly sought-after, you’re not limited to getting a driver job at Network rail. There’s a whole behind-the-scenes operation that requires dedicated workers. You can find everything from admin to customer service jobs at Network Rail, both at entry-level and for higher-up positions. There are also more specialised roles, like operations manager and engineering jobs, which usually require a qualification or background in the field. Just make sure you have all your relevant experience and studies listed on your CV. Don’t have one yet? Use our free CV maker to create a resume that’s sure to bag you work at Network Rail.

Once you know what kind of job to apply to at Network Rail, it’s time to get applying. Start by creating your account with YoungCapital, so you can save any and all interesting vacancies while you browse. It’ll also make it easier to apply, as you’ll have all your information in one place and ready to go. Then, start your searching. You can either browse at your own pace, or use our filtering tool to narrow down the options quickly and easily. You can see all the part-time jobs at Network Rail in just a few clicks, for example. When you see a vacancy you like, either save it to your profile or go ahead and hit ‘apply directly’, and you’ll be on your way to starting your career at Network Rail.

FAQs about working at Network Rail

  • Does Network Rail offer graduate jobs?

    Absolutely! There are plenty of entry-level jobs at Network Rail suitable for graduates, and apprenticeships for anyone starting at the very beginning of their career. If you can’t find any you like, check out our more general graduate jobs page to see if anything there takes your fancy.

  • Are there any Network Rail jobs near me?

    Because of its position as a national rail manager, Network rail has jobs across the UK. To find the ones near you, just enter your town or city name in the search box on this page and all the relevant vacancies will pop up. Top tip: you can also search generally for jobs by location to see all the vacancies in your area.

  • What’s the benefit of applying for a Network Rail job through YoungCapital?

    Not only will you find fresh vacancies for Network Rail jobs with us, but we’ll also add a personal touch to your job hunt. Our recruiters will reach out after you sign up to discuss what it is you’re looking for and how we can help. Plus, we have a bunch of helpful tips and tricks that’ll help you ace the application and interview process. What more could you want?