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If you’re looking to get a transport planner job, you’ve come to the right place. We’re masters at connecting people with their ideal vacancies, so whether you’re an experienced professional or a recent graduate, we’ll find a transport planning job for you. Do you want to make your job hunt super easy? Simply register with us. You can create personalised job alerts in your profile, upload your CV for use in applications, and save all your favourite vacancies in one handy place. So don’t miss out and start applying today - you’ll be getting a transport planner job in a flash!

What you need to know about transport planning jobs

Have you come here to browse your job options and are wondering, ‘what do transport planners do?’ Well, they make sure people and cargo move smoothly and efficiently via trains, roads, paths, and more. As a transport planner, your responsibility would be to identify the issues in your local transport network, and figure out how to solve them. Sounds just like a city-planning game, right? Alternatively, a transport engineer is the step up from a transport planner, and focuses more on the design side. If that’s more your speed, check out our engineering jobs. Have we captured your attention? Then it’s likely transportation planning or engineering is the job for you, so start exploring your options.

Are you interested in knowing the required qualifications to become a transport planner? Then look no further. You’ll need to have a university degree - any kind will do, but preferably in something like urban planning, maths, or engineering - and you’ll then need to acquire the Transport Planning Professional (TPP) certification. It’s no easy feat, so make sure this is something you’re passionate about, but it comes with benefits like a high salary and high career satisfaction. Once you’re ready to take the plunge, dive in head first; with some effort, you’ll be getting a graduate job as a transport planner in the near future.

How to find a transport planner job

Finding transport planning vacancies is easy on our platform, as all you need is to use our handy filtering system. Looking for a senior transport planning job as a manager? Just go ahead and tick your education level and enter ‘senior’ and ‘manager’ as keywords. Perhaps you’re looking for a temporary transport planning job as a consultant? Simply tick ‘temporary’ under ‘Type of Work’ and enter ‘consultant’ as a keyword. For a part-time job as an assistant transport planner, filter by ‘Part-time’ and enter ‘assistant’ as a keyword. Once you’ve got the filters set to your requirements, you can get sent any suitable vacancies that go live by flicking on the job alert switch on this page. Then just enter your email address, and you’re good to go!

If you’ve now got the right vacancy to apply for, but aren’t sure how to land the job, don’t stress, we can help! Firstly, a clear and polished CV. This is your first impression for employers, so make it count by keeping it clean and looking professional. Top employers aren’t likely to spend ages reading each CV, so make sure to keep it short and sweet, with only your best skills. Next, you should show off some personality with a cover letter - go the extra mile, and convince recruiters that you’re the right candidate. If you follow these steps, you’ll surely land a transport planning job in no time. Upload these documents to your profile just once, and they’ll be there whenever you’re ready to apply. So it’s time to put this plan into action - go get that job!

The best cities to get a transport planner job

If you’re wondering which cities in the UK have the best transport planning jobs, ponder no longer, as we’re going to go over our top picks. Surprise, surprise, there’s the widest selection of transport planning jobs in London. As the capital and by far biggest city, it has heaps of opportunities for you to take advantage of. Perhaps you’re the next big up-and-comer that’s going to revolutionise transport in London, as The Underground did all those years ago. How about a transport planning job in Birmingham or Manchester? They’re two more major English hubs, and while their transport networks aren’t quite as impressive as London, wouldn’t you love to be the one to take them there? Or maybe you hail from above Hadrian’s Wall, and want to bring Scotland’s transportation systems up to modern standards. You’re in luck, as we have transport planning jobs in Glasgow too. This great, historic city is just waiting for you to work your traffic planning magic. Has a job in one of these cities caught your eye? Well, don’t sit around then - get to applying!

FAQs about transport planner jobs:

What’s the salary for transport planners?

The average transport planning job salary is around £30,000-£33,000. This’ll depend on your skill level, though; graduates start at about £20,000-£25,000, and experienced transport planners can earn up to £50,000-£60,000.

Where can I find transport planner jobs near me?

We offer transport planner jobs all over the UK, so there’s sure to be one near you. How about working in the big smoke at one of London’s transport planning vacancies? We also have transit planning jobs in Belfast, if you’re across the Irish Sea. Otherwise, you can just select your local under our filters on this page.

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