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If you’re after a top-notch communications job in Leeds, then you’ve landed on the right page. We’ve put in the work to find all the best vacancies the city has to offer, and gathered them here for you to explore. From communications officer to PR jobs, Leeds has it all, and you’ll find them right here. Kick-start your search by registering with so that you can save any suitable vacancies you find as you browse. They’ll be standing by once you’re ready to apply. Don’t hang around too long though, as communications jobs in Leeds are a popular career option – you don’t want to risk missing out!

What to know about communications jobs in Leeds

What are the qualifications necessary to land a job in communications in Leeds? Well, that can depend a lot on the particular job you’re going for. But, whether you’re after an internal communications or public affairs job in Leeds, some key qualities are always required. You need to be a people person with good written and spoken abilities. Being able to juggle lots of tasks is also a big plus. Make sure these skills are super obvious in your CV, and be sure to restate them in your cover letter. If you’re not sure how, check out all our job application tips and use our free CV maker to create a professional-looking resume.

Leeds’ communication jobs are a pretty broad field; it can be tough to know which particular job would suit you best. Let us explain some of the popular options available to you. Public relations and press officer jobs in Leeds are focused outside your company, so most of your interactions will be with the public or the media. Internal communications jobs in Leeds are directed within the company. There’s some overlap with marketing jobs in Leeds, so check those out if you want to broaden your search. Thinking of taking a step forward in your career? Have a look at some of the communications manager jobs in Leeds that are on offer.

FAQs about communications jobs in Leeds:

I can’t find a job in communications in Leeds. Now what?

If you can’t find any communications jobs in Leeds, try expanding your search. Take a look at some communications jobs in Bradford – it’s only a short commute away.

Can I get a part-time communications job in Leeds?

Absolutely! Just add the ‘part-time’ filter to this page to find all the part-time jobs in Leeds’ communications sector that suit you, and hit ‘apply directly’ when you find some you like.

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