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CVs and cover letters can be overwhelming; everyone gives varying advice on what should be included and how they should be laid out. That’s why we’ve gathered all the greatest tips in one handy place. Find out how to write a CV with or without experience, see cover letter examples, and even learn how to follow up a job application. We’ve got guides to help with everything, so take a browse and find what you want to learn. Then, with all that knowledge in mind, you can create a top-notch resume with our CV builder and begin applying for vacancies.

Need some CV or cover letter advice?

CVs and cover letters are important documents; they’re a recruiter’s first (and often only) impression of you. So, getting them right is crucial to landing a good job. How do you do that? That’s what we’re here for. We’ve created an assortment of articles to help with all your job application questions. Need tips for certain sections of your CV? Learn how to write about languages you know, your hobbies and interests, and even your job references. Everything is covered, from A to B!

Are you after some help writing your first cover or motivation letter? Almost all jobs and universities require one of these letters, as it’s their chance to get to know you on a bit more of a personal level. It can seem daunting at first; how do you lay them out? What should you write? We cover all this and more. Learn how to write a cover letter today. Or, find what you’re looking for amongst our array of CV tips articles.

FAQs about CVs and cover letters

  • How do I write a good CV?

  • We’ve made it easy; make a killer CV with our high-quality free CV maker. Worried you’ve missed something? Check out the tips covered in our how to write a CV article.

  • How many pages should a CV be?

  • You want to keep your CV short and to the point. Ideally, it’ll be one page, but if you have to add more, we wouldn’t advise writing more than two.

  • Do you put a CV and cover letter together?

  • No, they’re two separate documents. Your CV is where you state all the facts (experience, qualifications, skills), and your cover letter is where you briefly introduce yourself and why you’d be a good fit. Check out our CV examples and cover letter examples.

  • How long should a cover letter be?

  • Just like a CV, you want to keep cover letters concise. It obviously varies by font and size, but we recommend about half a page. Check out our article for more extensive cover letter tips.

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