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Are you thinking about getting a communications job in London? The city is the perfect place for those with high career aspirations. London has an extensive media industry, so you can find work in film, print, radio, television, and all sorts of digital media. Whether you’re looking for a PR vacancy or a marketing job, London is the place to be. Communication professionals from all over the globe dream of working in the UK capital, but there’s no need to fear the competition; London offers plenty of opportunities for everyone. Want to find yours? Browse this page and pick a vacancy. Sign up to receive the latest communications jobs in London.

Popular communications jobs in London

So, you want to start a career in communications in the big smoke? How exciting! Or perhaps you’re already working in London, but are interested in switching to a media job. If that’s your case, kudos on deciding to change careers! It’s not an easy decision, but it can bring you loads of benefits. But let’s cut to the chase: do you need help finding a media job in London matching your profile? We can show you the ropes. The capital offers employment opportunities of all shapes and sizes. We’ll go through the most popular communications jobs in London, so you can make an informed decision about your future career.

No jobs in London’s communications industry are more popular than marketing jobs. Marketing is the department in a company responsible for promoting a business, its products, and its services. But before we continue, it’s important to mention that there are different opinions about marketing being part of a company’s communications department. Some believe it’s actually the other way around, that communications is under the marketing umbrella. Since the work of both sectors is closely related, we bet both communications and marketing jobs in London could interest you.

Many degrees can lead you to a career in marketing or communications, from administration to linguistics. So if you’ve just finished university and you’re after a graduate job in London, communications and marketing offer fantastic opportunities. Want to aim for a promising career? Take a look at our digital marketing jobs in London. The work involves using digital channels to implement marketing strategies, reach customers, build brand awareness, etc. Digital marketers are in high demand, so you’ll be able to pick your preferred employer and have no problem finding well-paid work. SEO specialist is an up-and-coming job in digital marketing. It’s more data-oriented, so you’ll have to show analysis skills to land a job in the field. Seems like a fit for you? Check out our SEO specialist jobs in London and find your match. If you don’t have a graduate degree but you’re eager to work in marketing, don’t fret. You can still find plenty of opportunities in London, like social media jobs.

Are you interested in a traditional media job in London? There are plenty of options to pick from. If you’re curious, have a way with words, and like investigative reporting, a journalist job in London could be a great fit for you. Within journalism, you’ll find different types of positions in both print and digital media. You don’t necessarily need a graduate degree to work as a journalist in the UK. But, in a competitive job market like London, experience or a bachelor’s in a relevant field are a plus.

Are you a natural communicator with excellent performance skills? You can take on a radio or TV job in London as a journalist broadcaster. Competition is high, but don’t be discouraged. If you think you have what it takes to be a broadcaster, just start with an entry-level vacancy and build your way up to the top. Another popular communications job in London is Public Relations. A PR officer is responsible for creating positive press and publicity for a company or individual, controlling narratives and public perception about them. To work in PR, you need interpersonal skills, creativity, and exceptional communication skills.

Feeling inspired by any of these popular jobs we’ve mentioned? Here’s our final tip: maybe waiting for inspiration to hit is not a good strategy for finding a communication or media job in London. Your actions will lead you to where you want to go. So why not go for a vacancy that could change your life? Browse this page, pick your favourite posting, and start applying for jobs today. Don’t forget to adjust the filters to quickly find the communications jobs in London that best fit your needs.

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You’ll find a better offer of communications jobs near London in larger cities. If you prefer living by the beach, check out our communications vacancies in Brighton. But if you rather enjoy the charm of England’s West Midlands region, explore our communications jobs in Birmingham.

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