Interview tips

Job interviews are often a nerve-wracking process for jobseekers, from the preparation to what happens afterwards. Are you in need of some help? We’ve got articles that cover everything, step by step. Practice asking and answering interview questions, accepting or rejecting a job offer, and much more. So, take a scroll and find the solution to every interview question you have. Then, once you’re well-prepared, get your job hunt underway by applying for a vacancy.

Need advice for a job interview?

We’ve got help for every job interview question, no matter your experience level. Is this your first ever job interview? Then let’s start with the basics; learn about the different types of interviews that are out there. You’ll also want a rundown of the whole interview process. Take a look at our collection of top interview tips and questions. You’ll learn everything you need to know, so you won’t go into your interview unprepared.

If you’re a bit more well-versed in job hunting, you’ll want to go into the specifics. Preparing for interviews is key; learn about excellent tips on how to present yourself and what to say. Are you such a desirable candidate that you’re at the point of declining job interviews and offers? We’ll go over how to turn things down politely and professionally. All these articles and more are helpfully divided into sub-categories, so find your desired one quickly and easily.

FAQs about interviews

  • How do you introduce yourself in an interview?

  • Your introduction is your chance to make a great first impression. You’ll want to briefly state your personal background, education, work experience, and any relevant skills or interests. Also, keep your presentation in mind; look sharp, smile, and have open body language.

  • What should you not say in an interview?

  • The main thing to keep in mind: don’t be negative. Never talk yourself down or bad-mouth your previous job. And on the flip side, don’t be overly-confident or cocky. Confidence is key, so speak positively about yourself, but just don’t overdo it.

  • How do you end an interview?

  • You’ll want to start by thanking the interviewer/s for their time. Give a quick recap of why you want the job and why you’re a good fit, and if you have any remaining questions, ask them! Afterwards, we also recommend following up.

  • How do you know an interview went well?

  • The most positive sign is when interviewers ask about your availability, either for a second interview or starting the job. Signs the interview might’ve gone poorly are when the interview was shorter than expected, concerns over your suitability were discussed, or the interviewer didn’t go over the next steps.

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