What to wear for a video interview

Like it or not, what you wear is one of the biggest factors when it comes to making a good first impression with employers. Don’t be fooled by the fact you’re on the other side of a screen, either; what you wear to a video interview still plays a huge role. Luckily, this article covers all the dos and don’ts for virtual interview outfits. And thanks to our experience as a large recruitment platform, these tips are coming straight from the horse’s mouth. So, read on to find out what to wear for video interviews via Zoom and other platforms, and start impressing recruiters!

The best clothes to wear for video interviews

Defining the ‘best’ clothes for a video interview is challenging, as it varies a lot by role, employer, and individual. But, no worries, because we’ve got a range of top-tier tips. From clothing colours and patterns to accessories and makeup, there’s a lot that can go right and wrong. So, here’s our advice on what to wear.

Clothing style and shape for video interviews

Picking out what to wear for a virtual interview is tricky, but all that really matters is that your outfit is comfortable, fits well, and makes you feel confident. You’ll need to keep in mind what’s appropriate for the company and position you’re interviewing for. Just because you’re not meeting in-person doesn’t mean that normal interview attire doesn’t apply; this means button-up shirts, dresses, and other semiformal and formal wear. Clothing styles and shapes vary, though. So if you want to read an article more tailored to your needs, check out our articles on what to wear for video interviews for females, males, and gender-nonconforming individuals.

Clothing colour for video interviews

What is the best colour to wear for a video interview? The rule of thumb is to wear darker tones like black, navy, and grey. They show up nicely on camera, and keep all the focus on your face. You’ll want to avoid lighter tones. They might be a go-to in-person, but on camera, they often appear much brighter; this can look bad on camera and can be distracting or overpowering for interviewers.

Accessories and makeup for video interviews

Wearing accessories and makeup can really complete your look, adding personality and making you stand out. They can be a great tool to draw people’s attention to your best features, like your eyes or smile. But, don’t go overboard; shiny or statement jewellery can be distracting, and wearing overly-bold or too much makeup can seem unprofessional to employers. So, when considering what to wear for your online interview, keep things subtle and businesslike.

Wear a bottom half in your video interview

We know, it sounds funny, but it’s a common thought to just wear your knickers or PJs on your bottom half. After all, no interviewer will see it, right? If all goes to plan, yes, but you never know what could happen. Your doorbell could ring, or you might need to go grab some documents; there are many reasons to have to stand up in the middle of an interview. So, don’t leave things up to chance – wear clothes, top to bottom, for your video interview!

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What not to wear for a video interview

With virtual interviews, what to wear can be a bit hit-or-miss, but what not to wear certainly isn’t. There are some pretty clear standards on what isn’t okay for recruiters, and what just doesn’t work well on camera. So, let’s go over what not to wear for video interviews.

Patterns and prints to avoid in video interviews

The most important things to avoid for virtual interviews are loud patterns and prints. This includes patterns like stripes or polka dots and prints with text or images. Why? Smaller patterns cause a distorting effect on cameras, taking attention away from you. Prints and larger patterns can seem less professional and are very distracting; interviewers will be looking at your clothes rather than listening to your answers.

Want to avoid all this? Stick to solid colours when choosing what to wear for your video interview. Want to wear your lucky patterned shirt to the online interview? Then do a test run; video call with a friend or family member and see if it shows up nicely.

Clothing styles to avoid in video interviews

When choosing clothes for a video interview, you’ll want to avoid anything that doesn’t fit well or shows too much skin. Your baggy fit or spaghetti-strap dress might look great in person, but keep in mind you’re on a video call. You’ll only be seeing your top half, so these can seem unprofessional or unflattering. Make sure to show off your best self, and chuck on a flattering but appropriate blouse, shirt, or dress.

Consider your video interview background

It's easy to forget where you'll be calling from when wondering what to wear for virtual interviews. The simplest way to see how your outfit choices will look is to turn on your camera and pose. That way, you can see if your surroundings clash with your outfit, washes you out, or is too distracting in general.

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Key takeaways on virtual interview outfits

There you have it; all your dos and don’ts when it comes to what to wear for a video interview. Now, you should be able to plan the perfect outfit to impress your future employer! Don’t forget your dos and don’ts.


  • Wear darker colours
  • Pick clothes that fit well
  • Pop with some accessories and makeup
  • Prepare with a trial run


  • Wear stripes, busy patterns, sparkles, or prints
  • Show too much skin
  • Forget your bottom half

Do you need some more online interview advice other than just what to wear? Check out our article for all kinds of online interview tips. Or have you not been invited for a job interview yet? Check out our sections for CV tips and salary tips for some pre-interview information. We aim to help you with every step of your job hunt. That’s why we’ve created a handy free CV maker for you to fix or upgrade your resume with.

So, now you know how to make a good impression with what to wear for your video interview. With this arsenal of great tips, you’ll get a job in no time!

FAQs about

  • What is the best colour to wear for a video interview?

  • When considering what to wear for your video interview, you’ll want to stick to darker colours like black or navy. Lighter colours can appear far brighter on camera, distracting interviewers and washing out lighter skin tones.

  • What should I wear for a Zoom interview?

  • The same as any other kind of video interview! Read the tips discussed in this article for what to wear for Zoom interviews. You can also check out our other interview tips articles for more advice relevant to Zoom interviews.

  • Should I dress up for a video interview?

  • If by ‘dress up’ you mean put on clothes - yes! But, if you’re more likely thinking about formal attire like a suit, it entirely depends on the interview itself. To figure out what to wear to your video interview, do some research on the company you’re interviewing with’s dress code.

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