Interview outfits for men

Wondering what the best interview outfits for men are? It can be tough to come up with a suitable outfit that balances professionalism and a bit of personality. Luckily, you don’t have to struggle through any more. YoungCapital is here to help you out with all the best tips and tricks. We’ll talk you through all you need to know about job interview outfits for men. From why it matters to what you show up in to what not to wear, we’ve got it all. If you’re wondering ‘should I wear a tie to an interview?’, stick with us. We’ll sort you out with the best possible interview outfits for men.

Why do men’s interview clothes matter?

A lot of people think that when it comes to workplace attire and interview outfits, men have it easy. It’s women who need to care about how they look, right? That’s not exactly true. Men can also make a lot of mistakes with what they wear; that’s why it’s still important to consider how you present yourself for an interview.

How you dress for an interview is part of selling yourself to the interviewer. It tells them how enthusiastic you are for the role, and how much of a good impression you want to make. It can also show them how much you’ve researched the company. Knowing what an appropriate interview outfit looks like shows that you understand a bit of the company’s culture already. Showing up to a casual startup in a 3-piece suit doesn’t show very much knowledge, does it?

Men’s interview attire can make you feel more put together, which can help you give off a more confident attitude. Not only does it make you look good to them, but it also makes you feel good in yourself. Your outfit can make or break how you feel when going for a job, which is why it’s such an important part of preparing for an interview.

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5 tips on how men should dress for an interview

It can, of course, be a challenge for men to pick out interview clothes. But with a bit of planning and thinking ahead, you’ll be ready to smash that interview looking your best. We’ve gathered some tips to help see you through the process:

1. Know what you’re getting into

You know how the old saying goes: fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Not knowing anything about the company’s dress code is a sure-fire way to end up looking out of place (and out of the loop). Have a look at their website and social media ahead of time to help you build a picture. Is everyone in suits and ties? Then you should be too. Is it more of a jeans and jumper vibe? Then you can get away with a more casual men’s interview outfit.

2. Try it on in advance

A common mistake among men is not trying your interview clothes on ahead of time. That’s the quickest and easiest way to see if your outfit is clean, neat, and without any tears. There’s no point showing up in a dapper three-piece suit if it’s full of holes! Check for things like your trousers not being too short, your shirt fitting right and not being stretched, and, if you wear a tie, that it’s tied correctly.

3. Stick to wearable basics

If you decide to stock up your wardrobe ahead of your job interview, don’t go too crazy with your shopping. You don’t need 50 shirts in every colour of the rainbow; a few simple basics will see you through what to wear to an interview. For men, three shirts in white, blue, or grey, two pairs of slacks in tan, navy, or black, a smart blazer, and a few simple ties will see you through most situations.

4. No fuss, no muss

Keep your wardrobe choices simple and understated. You want the attention to be on you, not the crazy colourful tie you’re wearing. Of course, you want to show some of your individuality in what you wear to an interview. A men’s dress shirt in a bright colour is acceptable, but a polka-dotted pocket square might get you a few strange looks. Let your personality do the talking!

5. Don’t forget your grooming

There’s no point having a polished men’s interview outfit if you show up with messy hair and dirty hands. It’s about as useful as putting lipstick on a pig. You don’t have to spend hours beautifying yourself. Just make sure you’re clean and showered, your hair is brushed and tidy, and any facial hair is neatly trimmed. It’s not a beauty pageant, but putting a bit of effort into your grooming definitely can’t hurt.

The ideas on interview outfits for men are fairly simple: look clean and put together, and you can’t go wrong. If you want some more general tips, we have plenty of other advice on what to wear to an interview. Not sure that the standard ‘masculine’ dress code is for you? No worries, we also have tips on gender-neutral interview attire, as well as interview outfits for women – whatever works for you!

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What should men not wear to an interview?

These days, the rules on what to wear to interviews have become much more relaxed than before. But, men’s interview outfits still need to look professional, which is why there are a few things you should definitely avoid.

1. Overly-casual clothes

Showing up to any interview in a pair of trackies or your favourite football jersey doesn’t give off a great impression. While a tuxedo is definitely going too far, not going far enough can make the employer feel like you don’t care about the job. Putting some effort into your interview dress for men shows them that you’ll put effort into your work, and will definitely score you some points in the interview.

2. Irritating fabrics and fits

Your mum might tell you that your good woolly jumper makes you look smart, but it can also make you uncomfortable. The same goes for that button-down shirt that’s just a bit too tight (aka you can’t breathe in it). Clothes that are itchy, ill-fitting, or too hot will only distract you from the interview. You want to be able to focus on giving clever and useful answers, so stick to items that you know you feel good in for your men’s interview outfit.

3. Big slogans or images

You may think it looks cool to have a big, funny slogan on your t-shirt, but we can bet your future employer doesn’t agree. While you can still have a laugh in the interview, your clothes aren’t the place to make jokes. The interviewer might not see the funny side of the joke or, worst case scenario, be offended by the text or image – you just never know. Stay on the safe side and keep the funny t-shirts for hanging out with your mates.

4. Distracting accessories

We’re all for adding accessories to your men’s interview attire to really make it your own. But, sometimes they can do more harm than good. Wearing lots of rings can look really cool, for example, but also be very distracting. If you know you’re a fiddler when you’re nervous, we’d suggest keeping the accessories to a minimum so you have less to fidget with. Keeping an eye on your body language in an interview is super important, so don’t sabotage yourself.

5. Too much scent

Fragrance is an often forgotten part of interview outfits for men. Obviously, you don’t want to show up smelling like you just finished playing 5-aside in the park. But, let’s not go the other extreme either. If the whole interview room smells like your cologne or aftershave, it’s likely that the interviewer won’t be able to focus on your answers. Do yourself a favour and just dab on a small amount of fragrance, if any.

Avoiding these mistakes is a simple way to ensure you dress to impress in your interview. Men can have a hard time too, so follow our tips and you should be golden.

Interview outfits for men: in short

There are lots of things to keep in mind when coming up with interview outfits for men. It’s important to show that you care about the job, and want to put effort into showing that you’re capable. Some top tips to follow include

  • Doing enough research to find out the vibe of the company;
  • Trying on your outfit in advance and checking for stains or tears;
  • Sticking to a few simple basics that you can mix and match;
  • Not going crazy with loud and distracting patterns and colours;
  • Taking care of your grooming as much as your clothes.

It’s not rocket science; try to look presentable, and like you made an effort. Some situations might call for different attire, for example video interviews, but overall, the advice remains the same. Your outfit is just one part of the preparation though, so make sure you check out all of our other interview tips and tricks too.

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FAQs about interview outfits for men

  • What should a man wear to an interview?

  • What you wear to an interview can vary depending on the job you’re going for. A general guideline includes a shirt, some slacks, and a pair of dress shoes, but it’s up to you to research and judge the situation.

  • What colour shirt should a man wear to an interview?

  • It’s best to be cautious and go for a more neutral shirt colour. White, blue, and grey are always safe options, so you can’t really go wrong. If you’re feeling brave, a light pink or purple can look smart, but use your best judgement.

  • What should you wear to an interview if you don’t have dress clothes?

  • There’s no need to shell out loads of cash for an interview outfit. Borrow from your friends or family, or pick out the smartest thing in your wardrobe. You can usually do a lot with what you have already, as long as it’s clean and neat.

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