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If you need fast and effective staffing solutions for your business, let our digital recruitment agency in Burnley help you out. With over 20 years in the industry, combining a tech-based approach with an extensive database of talent, we’ve got you covered. We can sort out your recruitment and selection needs, or help you find temp workers to cover seasonal peaks. Whatever you throw at us, our work agency in Burnley can handle it quick as a flash. Between our wide range of employment contracts and dedicated team, we’ll have a quality match for you in no time. Contact our recruitment agency in Burnley today to hear more about the services we offer and get your free price proposal.

YoungCapital recruitment services in Burnley

Why pick us as your recruitment agency in Burnley

Why should you choose YoungCapital as your employment agency in Burnley? Well, because no one does it quite like us. After you reach out, we’ll contact you within 24 hours for a consultation to go over what you need from us. Once everything is squared away, we’ll set to work finding the right candidate for you. Our work agency in Burnley can find and select suitable talent for you as quickly as one working day after our meeting. If you opt for temp workers, we’ll do you one better: we’ll stay on as the candidate's legal employer to save you the hassle of all that admin. Contracts, absences, risk – it’s all covered by our recruitment agency operating in Burnley, so you get to focus on putting them to work.

3 reasons to choose YoungCapital as your recruitment agency in Burnley:

  • 20 years as experts on young talent
    We’ve spent the last 20 years building up our knowledge and expertise on the newest generation of workers. Our recruitment agency in Burnley has access to a wealth of information on our target group thanks to the far reach of our holding company, The Works. When you work with us, you’ll benefit from these decades of experience and have first-hand access to young professionals who’ll only enhance your business.
  • Reliance on a tech-based, innovative approach
    Over the years, we’ve figured out that the best way to match CVs with vacancies as quickly and efficiently as possible is to automate. Our tech accelerator, DASH, uses a combination of algorithms, AI, and data analysis to make the most effective matches at lightning speeds. But, don’t think for a moment that we sacrifice quality for the sake of speed; the recruiters for our employment agency in Burnley personally screen candidates to ensure only the best of the best are shared with you.
  • Over 1.5 million registrations in the UK alone
    We’ve amassed a huge database of candidates over the years, thanks to a mix of organic traffic and targeted ad campaigns. That means that, no matter what kind of vacancy you’re trying to fill, the odds are we have an applicant who’s ready to get to work for you. We have people looking for night jobs in logistics, weekend jobs in retail, you name it! This accessibility and availability are part of the reason our work agency in Burnley is able to provide you with a match so quickly.

In short, no matter what kind of candidate you need, our recruitment agency operating in Burnley can find them for you in a fast and cost-effective way. Want to find out more about how we work? Then just reach out to us for a consultation and free price proposal.

Employers' FAQs about recruiting in Burnley

  • How long does it take to find suitable employees in Burnley?

  • We can often find you a candidate within 24 hours of our initial consultation, but it can vary depending on demand and the vacancy itself. We can give you a clearer timeline after we discuss the details, so reach out to our employment agency in Burnley to find out more.

  • How much does it cost to recruit through YoungCapital Burnley?

  • The price you pay will depend on how many candidates you need, the type of package you decide on, and a number of other factors. It’s worth noting that you’ll only pay a one-off, pre-determined fee, so no surprise costs or charges. Get in touch with our recruitment agency in Burnley to get a more accurate estimate.

  • How much does YoungCapital charge for a temporary worker in Burnley?

  • The rate we charge is based on the average hourly wage of the industry in question, so the sector you operate in will more or less determine the cost. But, we’ll only ever charge you for the actual hours worked; we cover unexpected costs like illnesses or absences. Contact our work agency in Burnley to get a free quote.

Recruiting with YoungCapital Burnley: step-by-step

Looking for fast, personalised recruitment services in Burnley to support your staffing needs? Follow the step-by-step below to hire staff with us:

  1. Give us a call or fill in the form online, and we'll contact you as soon as possible.
  2. We'll go over the profile(s) you're looking for and create a personalised vacancy proposal.
  3. With your go-ahead, we'll then create a unique vacancy and start the recruitment process.
  4. We'll pre-screen the candidates for you, and propose them to you.
  5. We'll plan a face-to-face interview with the candidates you select.
  6. When you've found the right candidate, we'll arrange for them to start.

Ready to schedule a call with our team? Reach out - our experts are ready to help you.

Find work through our job agency in Burnley

Looking for a job in Burnley? YoungCapital can help you out! Whether you want full-time jobs or part-time gigs, our Burnley-based job agency’s got you covered. Just explore our vacancies, and use the filtering tool to narrow it down to Burnley-based work. Don’t forget to scroll through our job application tips and check out our free CV builder to ensure your application is up to scratch. You’ll find what you’re looking for in no time! Ready to get the ball rolling and find your ideal position? Register with us, and someone from our digital recruitment agency in Burnley will be in touch asap via phone or email.

Burnley job agency FAQs

  • Why should I use YoungCapital’s recruitment agency in Burnley?

  • We go beyond just providing jobs for you to apply for. The team at our digital recruitment agency in Burnley are on hand to help you out personally. They’ll get in touch with you after you apply, but you can also reach out at any point to ask questions and get advice on your job hunt. Sounds good, right? Sign up with us now to take advantage of our help.

  • How do I get a job through YoungCapital’s Burnley recruitment agency?

  • Just follow our simple steps to find your ideal job in Burnley:

    1. Explore all the vacancies we have available.
    2. Use the filtering tool to find the opportunities in Burnley.
    3. Choose the vacancies that suit what you’re after.
    4. Click on ‘apply directly’ and follow the easy instructions.
    5. Sit back and relax; our job agency in Burnley will get back to you asap.

  • Do I have to pay if I get hired through your recruitment agency in Burnley?

  • We always want to make things as easy and stress-free as possible for you, which is why we offer our services to candidates free of charge. Our employment agency in Burnley is here to help you at no cost to you.


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