Best cover letter examples

Are you a bit lost when it comes to cover letters? Then you’ll want to take a look at our professional cover letter examples. We’ve got formal, informal, long, and short cover letter samples. So, no matter your needs, you can find one to easily adapt or use for inspiration. Already know what you’re doing? Then check out our cover letter template and follow along. Otherwise, stick around for some good cover letter examples for your job application below.

Cover letter samples: why use them?

Writing a cover letter is sometimes overwhelming, and can be a big roadblock when you’re new or returning to the job market. But for many, the best way to learn is through cover letter samples. You can read the greatest cover letter tips, but if you can’t visualise how to put them into practice, they become useless. So, that’s why we’ve created three good cover letter examples for you to adapt and learn from.

But before we jump in feet first, why should you use a cover letter at all? Well, they’re excellent opportunities to show some personality in your job application and to really convince hiring managers you’re the right candidate. So, learning about how a cover letter should look is key. If you need a bit more than an example cover letter for a job, we also have articles on how to start and how to end a cover letter.

Cover letter example: retail

Don’t want to stick to the classic formal cover letter? Below is a short cover letter example for a retail shop job. It’s a more informal cover letter that’s great for casual positions or if you already have an established relationship with the recipient. In this sample cover letter, we’re going to target some specific attributes asked for in the (imaginary) job description. These include:

  • Team-oriented
  • Friendly and approachable
  • Strong communication skills

With our sample cover letter for job applications below, we relate the candidate’s experiences to the description and use these keywords to make a good impression. As you’ll see, you don’t need work experience to write a good cover letter; you can relate it to other relevant experiences in your life.

Aaron Bank

07311 555 999
Rose Smith
Shop Manager
Recycle Manchester
13 Bear Street, Manchester, M5 0AA
Dear Rose,
As a friend and regular customer of Recycle Manchester, I was thrilled to see you were in need of a shop assistant - a role I’d be perfect for. I already know the shop inside and out, and I hope I’m a recognisable face from my regular thrifting over the weekends. I’m excellent with people, on my school’s debate team (so I can sell up a storm), and well organised.
I see that your store is a team-oriented environment, which is where my experience on the debate team comes in handy. We have to build, recite, and rebut our arguments together as a unit; we’re only as strong as our weakest member. It has helped me develop strong communication skills that’ll make me great with colleagues and customers. I also have experience volunteering for the Green Cross, where being friendly and approachable was key. Volunteering here grew my keen interest in helping others, which I think would be a great match with your charity shop.
It would be a pleasure to get to work with you as a sales assistant. I hope to hear from you soon.

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Cover letter example: logistics

Want to play it safe with a semi-formal cover letter? Then this is the best cover letter example to read over. The semi-formal approach is the most common, as you can show some personality while still remaining professional. In this sample cover letter for a job, we’ll be focusing on three key things mentioned in the (hypothetical) job description:

  • At least 2 years experience working in warehouses
  • Great organisation skills
  • Ability to think on your feet and effectively problem solve

Below is an example cover letter for a logistics job application that meets these requirements.

Mary Jane

Warehouse Supervisor
07700 123 456
Haver Logistics
55 Birch Road
London, E9 0AA
Dear hiring manager,
As an experienced warehouse worker, I’ve got what it takes to be Haver Logistics’ new warehouse supervisor. With strong leadership, organisation, and time management skills, I would be a valuable addition to your team.
I have a lot of experience under my belt already. I’ve worked in multiple roles within warehouses, including warehouse operative and forklift operator, for a total of 5 years. Just recently, I also completed my BSc in Management. I started out working full-time in warehouses and moved to part-time as I completed my studies. So, while I do not have direct experience as a warehouse supervisor, I have more than enough background in warehousing and management to take this next step.
Thanks to the variety of positions I’ve had in warehouses, I’ve been able to build up a diverse skill set. Because I initially joined the workforce straight out of high school, I have constantly been learning on the job. I’ve had to think on my feet and solve problems on the fly. Through failing and trying things out, I’ve developed qualities like leadership and organisation skills, which would be valuable in this role.
I believe I can aid Haver Logistics in your commitment to being a leading logistics company. I would love the opportunity to work alongside you, so please reach out if you’d like to set up an interview.
Mary Jane

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Cover letter example: call centre

Looking for a formal cover letter example that will show hiring managers you’re professional and take yourself seriously? Then read this sample cover letter to go with your CV. We’re going to target some key requirements and responsibilities listed in the (hypothetical) job description. These are:

  • 3 years of customer service experience
  • In-depth knowledge of customer relationship management (CRM) practices and strategies
  • Assist new agents with the onboarding process

Read our professional cover letter example for a job in a call centre below that ticks all these requirements.

Michael Port

Senior Customer Service Agent
07713 579 579
John Johnson
Call Centre Manager
Classic Calls
212 Potter Drive, Liverpool, L1 0AA
Dear Mr Johnson,
This letter is to indicate my interest in the call centre team leader position at Classic Calls. I have a passion for delivering high-quality customer service, which, along with my years of experience in the field, make me an excellent fit for this position.
I started out as a part-time call centre agent while I completed my Bachelor’s in Business Administration. During this time, I consistently exceeded my targets and was quickly promoted to senior call centre agent. I kept this position for over three years, transitioning to full-time after completing my degree. As my previous employer can attest, I am always on time, organised, and willing to help out. I believe these are some key skills needed for a team lead. During my time as a senior agent, I also learnt all about CRM systems and strategies and have an excellent knowledge of how to implement them.
As a senior call centre agent, I was often asked to help out in the onboarding process of new hires. I’ve led trainings and provided general support during onboarding. These experiences are what really ignited my drive to lead; being responsible for and getting to help others is an exciting and rewarding challenge. I also took a variety of electives during my degree in management, so I’m aware of many management strategies and techniques. I would greatly enjoy finally putting this knowledge into practice.
My experience and advanced skill set will make me a valuable member of your team. I would love to discuss more why I’d make a great fit over an interview, so please get in touch if you’d like to set one up.
Yours sincerely,
Michael Port

Cover letter examples: key takeaways

Cover letters are key ways of impressing hiring managers and getting invited for a job interview. But, if you’ve found yourself stuck, follow one of our cover letter examples. They’re excellent sources of inspiration when writing your own - the best way to learn is by example. We’ve got cover letter samples tailored to different levels of formality, a few industries, and a variety of job requirements. Follow the one that best fits your needs, or mix and match them.

Would you prefer a blank layout to follow? We’ve got a cover letter template too. Your cover letter is just one part of your job application, though. Pair our example cover letter with a killer CV; check out our CV tips and then put them into action with our free CV maker. Thinking about mentioning the job salary in your cover letter? Then take a look at our salary tips for some advice.

FAQs about cover letter examples

  • What do I write in a cover letter?

  • A cover letter follows a pretty simple layout. Learn what to enter into the template with our cover letter tips, or find inspo with our cover letter examples.

  • How do you write a cover letter if you don't know the hiring manager?

  • The same as you’d write any other cover letter! We have a cover letter example in this article for if you don’t know the hiring manager; simply substitute ‘Dear [name]’ with ‘Dear hiring manager’ or ‘Dear recipient’.

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